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Classic Bike Live 2013 Results

Slideshow Full Result

350cc Class 500cc Class Unlimited

 1st - Herbie Ronan (167)

 1st - Sean Henry (44)

 1st - Eanie Horan (88)

 2nd - Martin O'Neill (109)

 2nd - Gerry O'Sullivan (54)

 3rd - Pete Simpson (37)

 3rd - Dave Hickie (75)

 4th - Liam White (33)

 4th - Kevin Callan (67)
Special Awards
Dave Manly Award

Performance at the meeting

Dave Hickie (75)
Dunboyne Motor Club

Best Turned Out Bike

Pete Simpson (37)
Best Performance
Outside Results

Thomas Kavanagh (69)
Special Effort & Persistence Award

Angelo McDonnell
With Thanks

Declan O'Reilly
Special Thanks - Cars

Ronan O'Sullivan                                  Dan Daly